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About Vicki Jardine November 10, 2008

First and foremost, Vicki Jardine is a mom.
    She is also an ex-schoolteacher, having taught in Australia, Singapore, China and the UK.
And she is a Family/Life Coach.

Vicki is recognized as a leader in providing parents with the keys to unleashing their children’s potential through building their self-confidence.

She explains a way of thinking about parenting that is based on over 30 years of research into child development.
Vicki makes it easy for even the busiest parents to implement the techniques, strategies and processes that lead to developing their children’s confidence so they can become ‘success’ magnets.
  • Self-Confidence plus Self-Belief equals higher performance and happier children
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Belief more strongly determine success than ‘natural ability’ does.
    She allows parents to have peace of mind by helping them to bring out the best in their children.  Her program produces harmony within the home and allows parents with children of all ages, to enjoy a relationship that is meaningful for both parties.
    Her strong belief in the following two principals have led Vicki to determine what really motivates children to become their best selves:

    As a result of her experience with children all around the world (besides teaching in Australia, China, UK and Singapore, her own children attended school in the United States and in Australia) Vicki has carefully formulated the Permission To Shine Program for parents.

    Initially the Permission To Shine Program was a series of workshops for children to develop their self-confidence.

    After some time, parents asked Vicki to design a program for them!!!   One that they could do themselves at home with their own children.

    This is how Vicki became the founder of Highly Successful Kids, an online community where parents can take courses (such as The Permission to Shine Course for Parents).  Inside Highly Successful Kids parents read and listen to articles and interviews and take part in forums. The site is a real community of parents and professionals in the arenas of education and child development.

    By creating an online community for parents, Vicki is able to help more children around the world develop the confidence they need to succeed in this ever-changing and fast-paced world.  The Permission To Shine Program establishes and facilitates deep and positive bonds between parents and their children and this is something that has been diminishing  in these busy times we live in.  Now, parents are experiencing peace of mind as they know their parenting is truly relevant to the world their children are growing up in.

    Vicki serves as a speaker at events in Australia and the US. Her instructions zero in on ways parents can make sure that their children are provided for in a way that is relevant to the world and times we live in.  She intuitively and instinctively knows how to connect the vast amounts of information and research for parents with actual real life situations that parents face daily.   Understanding the challenges that parents and caregivers face, Vicki offers solutions, strategies and processes that parents can implement easily and quickly to see immediate results with their children and their families.

    Contact Vicki at to find out more about her websites, programs, webinars and products.

    Visit to grab your FREE AUDIO from Vicki NOW.


2 Responses to “About Vicki Jardine”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I came across your website and I am in need of help. I have a 10 yr. old daughter who screams, yells, slams doors and other things. This can often be over the smallest thing. The word no is not in her vocabulary- if my husband and I tell her no to something, she will argue and whine or throw a fit until she gets her way. I know we are harming her by giving in, but I can’t stand her behavior. She has started developing (quite early- she began developing at age 5). My daughter is very good for others (although a bit whiny around friends sometimes) but she gets great grades, and is a good help at her day care. At home it’s like she’s a different person. Her behaviors have caused me to be late for work (she refused to get dressed) as well as causing many arguements between my husband and I. Please help me!

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