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Unhappy Child, Unhappy Family January 9, 2009

Here is a scenario that is not uncommon:

Our 6 year old has been talking back to us and having a ‘lot’ of attitude.  He simply refuses to do what he is asked and thinks it’s funny when we correct him.  He takes things he isn’t supposed to take and doesn’t care about the consequences.  He seems to be ‘unreachable’ in that nothing we say or do makes any difference to him.  dreamstime_angryboy

We have tried reward charts and taking away his most prized possessions or TV time. 


We have been to a kinesiologist to work on helping him see how his behavior makes everyone around him feel as well as trying to show him how his behavior is making him feel. 

Still nothing! 

He is now behaving like this at school too and life has turned into a long stream of his crying, tantrums, throwing things, throwing himself on the floor and refusing to budge.  Everything is a ‘mission’ and nothing seems to work. 

What’s Up With That?  What would you do?

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2 Responses to “Unhappy Child, Unhappy Family”

  1. DOMINO Says:

    Allergies can cause behavior problems.

  2. Ariel Says:

    Perhaps a little more attention and patience is required. This may seem to be the opposite of what you have to do (be more strict) but perhaps the child for some reason is not feeling understood or regarded.

    Have you tried to be extra caring and affectionate, together with patient, and calm…even if he starts one of his episodes?

    Try to show him much love, make activities with him, take him out for family trips, but ask him where he wants to go…show him that he is very important to the family, that his opinion matters, and that he is very much loved…

    Nevertheless, you might have to be strict with him when he exceeds himself…remember, be firm in a VERY CALM way; and always explain to him why he is punished if he is or any other consequence.

    Hope this help.s



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